City of Cottage Grove Firefighter/Paramedic

Job Title: Firefighter/Paramedic

Salary: $23.08 – $25.85 per hour

City Name: Cottage Grove

General Duties:

The City of Cottage Grove is now accepting applications for a full-time Firefighter/Paramedic. The position of Firefighter/Paramedic supports the work of the fire department, providing emergency work in the treatment of emergency medical problems including providing and delivering skilled, specialized emergency medical treatment, and also the protection of life and property from fire and other hazards. Employees work 212 hours every 28 days. A majority of the hours are worked on 24 hour shifts. The Fire Dept will be moving in to a brand new central fire station by April of this year.


Application deadline is 3:00 PM, Monday, March 12th. Applicants must submit a completed City application packet to be eligible for this position. Application packets are available at Cottage Grove City Hall, 12800 Ravine Parkway S., Cottage Grove, MN 55016 or by going to the website For more information see the job posting on the City’s website.