City of International Falls Paramedic



Approved: July 25th, 2014

Position Title:            Paramedic                               Date:   July 2014

Department:              Fire/Rescue/EMS

Reports To:                Fire Chief

Primary Objective of Position

Respond to emergencies and perform pre-hospital care, emergency/non-emergency patient transports and rescue. Perform with limited supervision department’s standard operating procedures, established protocols, and established directives. Maintain a state of readiness of facilities and equipment by scheduled inspections, testing, and maintenance. Promote health and safety of the department and community through education. Perform related work as required.

Supervision Exercised

The Fire Chief exercises general and administrative supervision over all Paramedics either directly or indirectly through supervisory staff.

Essential Functions and Responsibilities

  • Responds to 911 medical responses and emergency/non-emergency inter-facility transports.
  • Drives ambulance or acts as an attendant while responding to routine and emergency situations involving sick or injured individuals; provides medical assistance within the scope of practice as an Emergency Medical Technician Paramedic (EMT-P).
  • Maintains contact with dispatch (fire hall), and/or hospital to provide information or obtain assistance in treating medical conditions; maintains contact with other agencies such as police, sheriff, air ambulance, first responders, and mutual aid partners as needed.
  • Assesses the nature and extent of illness or injury and establishes priority for emergency care.
  • Lifts and carries sick and injured persons to the ambulance for transport to the medical facility.
  • Observes patient en-route and administers care according to medical guidelines and protocols; identifies diagnostic signs that require communication with physician or emergency department.
  • Performs advanced airway procedures using equipment according to medical guidelines and protocols.
  • Uses a cardiac defibrillator/monitor for defibrillation, cardioversion, transcutaneous pacing, and heart rhythm interpretation.
  • Administers medications according to guidelines and protocols.
  • Replaces supplies and decontaminates the interior of the ambulance.
  • Completes electronic ambulance patient care report on each call.
  • Perform Quality Improvement and Quality Assurance (QI/QA) as assigned.
  • Performs a variety of administrative duties at the fire station.
  • Performs routine station duties as directed to maintain the cleanliness, readiness, and appearance of apparatus, equipment, station, and grounds.
  • Maintains medical records as requested or required by department policy.
  • Assists with community education including speaking at schools, taking blood pressures, and attending health/medical fairs/conferences.
  • Tours new businesses and structures to familiarize self with the location of exits and establish necessary preplans with guidance from fire chief and other fire department personnel.
  • Assists in repair or maintenance of ambulances when requested.
  • Attends and participates in departmental training drills and sessions.
  • Promotes and maintains positive working relationship between fire engineers, volunteer fire fighters, and part-time emergency medical services (EMS) staff.
  • May supervise other EMS at times of emergency (example other basic life support units and organizations).
  • Dispatch International Falls Ambulance resources and call in appropriate personnel for emergency incidents as needed.
  • Performs other duties as assigned by fire chief.


Other Typical Duties and Responsibilities

  • Paramedic Requirements:
    • Minnesota State Emergency Medical Services Regulatory Board

EMT-P Certification.

  • Basic Life Support Provider Certification.
  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support Providers Certification.
  • Pre-hospital Trauma Life Support or International Trauma Life Support Certification.
  • Pediatric Life Support Provider Certification.
  • High School Diploma or GED.
  • Other Requirements:
    • Must possess Minnesota Class D driver’s license or equivalent and have a good driving record.
    • Must be able to pass an annual medical physical (If required by chief).
    • Must be able to pass a pre-employment background check.
    • Must be able to pass a pre-employment agility screening as appropriate.

Physical Demands, Working Conditions, and Characteristics:

  • Key job characteristics include presenting self in a professional and courteous manner, knowledge of emergency rescue techniques and practices, considerable knowledge of emergency medicine at the EMT-Paramedic level, ability to work well under stressful conditions, ability to react effectively under pressure and make quick decisions, good oral and written communication skill, ability to work as a member of a team.
  • Paramedic must reside within a 6 minute response time from the fire station. Physical activities during responses and training can require heavy lifting of over 100 pounds, may be required to face exposure to infectious biological agents such as Hepatitis B or HIV, spend excessive time outside exposed to the elements, perform tasks on slippery surfaces, work in areas where sustaining traumatic injuries is possible, and wear personal protective equipment.
  • The Paramedic may work for long periods of time, some requiring sustained physical activity and intense concentration, make decisions that could have life or death consequences for employees and civilians under difficult and stressful conditions with limited information during emergency conditions, be exposed to disgusting sights and smells associated with major trauma, critically sick, burn victims, maintain personal safety, and make critical decisions in a confusing, chaotic, and potentially life threatening environment throughout the duration of operations.