Community Paramedic

The purpose of the advisory group “Minnesota Community Paramedicine/Mobile Integrated Health” is to bring together interested parties to discuss program details and collaborate on developing Community Paramedicine/Mobile Integrated Health strategies in Minnesota. 

This group will help MAA members explore and develop community paramedic/MIH programs that meet the needs of their communities/customers, while attempting to reasonably standardize practices.  The goal of this standardization is to have a uniform approach and expectation for delivery of care. 


Chairs:  Dr. Pete Tanghe & Susan Long

Paul Allegra
June Boie
Amber Brown
Joy Bukow
Peter Carlson
Dave Demcho
Jason Eblen
Brian Edwards
Erin Englebert
Stephanie Frentzel
Debbie Gillquist
Brad Hanson
Don Hauge
Emilie Hedlund
Mike Ittner
Julie Jenson MD
Dave Johnson
Mark Jones
Jennifer Kirchner
Cory Kissling
Brendan Krupich
Amber Lage
Cory Larson
Ron Lawler
Ann Majerus
Christopher Matek
Buck McAlpin
Lucas Meyers
Mike Mondor
Jeff Morgan
Jennifer Murphree
Mark Paulson
Tia Radant
Dennis Russell
Adam Shadiow
Jana Berends-Sletten
Mari Thomas MD
Brenda Voshalike
Kelly Wanzek
Mark Weiberg
Mike Wilcox MD
Will Wilson