ICD10 Implementation Delay

April 3 2014

To:                          Gordy Vosberg-MAA Legislative Chair
Buck McAlpin-MAA Legislative Affairs Representative

From:                    MAA Billing and Reimbursement Committee

Re:                         ICD10 Implementation Delay

In light of the recent legislation delaying required use of ICD10 codes from October 1 2014 to October 1 2015, the MAA Billing & Reimbursement Committee feels it is to the ambulance industry’s best interest to continue use of ICD9 billing based on the following factors:

  1.  Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B ICD10 codes are very different from each other as compared to the ICD9 codes.  It will not be possible to “just use” whatever codes the hospitals are using.
  2. The Reimbursement Committee has not received an Ambulance appropriate crosswalk from any Federal or State agency.  It is our understanding the American Ambulance Association created and forwarded a list to CMS.  The Reimbursement Committee would very much appreciate the opportunity to review this crosswalk and evaluate how efficient and appropriate it is.
  3.  The Reimbursement Committee strongly feels that the delay of implementation creates a much needed window to work with Insurance Payers, especially DHS to review and evaluate their state of readiness.  The Reimbursement Committee is very willing to create work groups during this transition time to meet with DHS, the Minnesota Council of Health Plans and potentially CMS/Medicare.