Lake County Ambulance EMS Education Coordinator

Position: EMS Education Coordinator

Job Type: 1.0 FTE

EMS Education Coordinator is directly responsible for maintaining and providing education related duties and instruction as it pertains to internal and external education. Internal education includes any education related to those currently employed by Lake County Ambulance Service. External education includes education relating, but not limited to, education courses offered to outside agencies and individuals in the Northeast Region ex: CPR, BLS, ACLS, and EMT courses. Other duties may be assigned to the Education Coordinator as required.

Internal Education

  • Maintain and track all LCAS members AHA and affiliated specialty certifications.
  • Maintain and track all continuing education for LCAS members.
  • Maintain and track EMSRB and NREMT licenses for LCAS members.
  • Provide training as it relates to LCAS policies, guidelines, and protocols.
  • Provide online training as it relates to continuing education and policies.
  • Create training modules for new hire and all employees.
  • Act as a Field Training Officer for new employees.
  • Act as the Training Officer for LCAS staff as defined by the NREMT.

External Education

  • Provide and maintain relationships with outside agencies for external education courses.
  • Provide training for outside agencies and outside individuals.
  • Promote and advertise any/all external education.
  • Directly supervise any/all LCAS members who teach and/or instruct external education.
  • Maintain certifications as it relates to LCAS members involved in instructional duties.
  • Create course content and prep activities for any/all external educational course.
  • Act as the AHA Faculty Member for LCAS
  • Act as the Program Coordinator for the EMSRB Education Program.
  • Act as the Program Coordinator for the NREMT Education Program.

Hours and Schedule

Office Hours: Education Coordinator will average 16 hours per week in an office capacity/ setting.

Duty Hours: It is expected that applicant will work a minimum of one shift per week on a front-line rig.

Required Qualifications

  • At least two years of experience at current certification level
  • Current/ valid certifications with the NREMT and the EMSRB
  • Current/ valid Class D drivers license
  • Maintain good standing with both the NREMT and the EMSRB
  • Possess understanding of how education and training relates to the internal and external aspects of Lake County Ambulance Service
  • Plan, budget, and evaluate programs effectively.
  • Draft & communicate reports in a cohesive and timely manner.

Desired Qualifications

  • Department of Transportation EMS Instructor Certification
  • American Heart Association BLS Instructor Certification
  • EMS Training and Education Experience
  • Experience as an EMS Training Officer

Qualifications Needed within one year of Employment

  • Department of Transportation EMS Instructor Certification
  • Designee of EMSRB Program Coordinator
  • Designee of EMSRB and NREMT LCAS Training Officer
  • AHA BLS Instructor Certification

Contact Information:  Office address is 421 20th Ave. Two Harbors MN, 55616. Telephone number is (218) 834-7110 and fax number is (218) 834-9587.