Wellness & Suicide Prevention


  • American Foundation for Suicide Prevention




  • Serve and Protect – 1-615-224-2424


  • Veterans Crisis Line / Hotline – (*) 1-800-273-8255


  • Midwest Crisis Ministries – 612-834-3800

      www.midwestcrisisministries.org (website under construction)

  • True Recovery


MN Critical Incident Stress Management Teams

What is a critical incident?  A critical incident is any work related event that causes overwhelming stress/distress in a responder. Critical incidents can impact the cognitive, emotional, and spiritual functioning of normal people reacting to abnormal situations. Examples of critical incidents include: officer involved shooting, line of duty death, serious life threat incident, death of a child or mass casualty event.

Critical Incident Stress Management Teams – CISM Teams are made up of specially trained volunteers who are themselves law enforcement officers, firefighters, EMS personnel or emergency dispatchers. These volunteers provide immediate peer support to emergency service personnel following a critical incident.

CISM Team Services – Services include short‐term informal one‐to‐one peer support and referral assistance; small group meetings to discuss critical incident reactions and ways to manage the incident aftermath. CISM services also include stress awareness trainings and other services tailored to the needs of law enforcement officers and their departments.

Who may contact CISM teams?  Individual responders, family members and administrators can all call and request services

  • The Metro CISM Team –

24 hour access number: 612-347‐5710

General Program & Training Information: 612-207‐1130

  • Central Minnesota CISM Team –

24 hour access number: 800- 556‐4911

General Program & Training Information: 320-656‐6122

  • Head of the Lakes CISM Team –

24 hour access number: 218-727‐8770

General Program & Training Information: 218-726‐0070, 800-247‐1283

  • Northwest/West Central CISM Team –

24 hour access number: 218-281‐0431

  • South Central MN EMS CISM Team –

24 hour access number: 507- 387‐8744

General Program & Training Information: 800-767‐7139 ext. 451 or 445

  • Southwest MN CISM Team –

24 hour access number: 507-537‐7666

General Program & Training Information: 507- 537‐9677

  • Southeast Minnesota CISM Team –

24 hour access number: 800-237‐6822

General Program & Training Information: 800-850‐3397, 50

  • West Central CISM Team –

General Information/24 hour – 218-347-1699